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Jan Latinne


Born on October 26, 1936 Hamont


Living in Belgium Married to Lut Wertelaers


A Scientific (St. Hubert College Neerpelt) and regency Dutch history (Normaalschool St Thomas Brussel)


County Councillor from 1977 to 1987


Taught until 1996 Dutch and history at the Biotechnicum in Bocholt


Exhibits since 1969 at home and abroad. Mainly the Netherlands, Germany, France and United States.


Jan Latinne is a versatile artist. Besides paintings, serigraphs and drawings he makes fiberglass sculptures, glass, jewelry, bronze sculptures, furniture and decorative plates


In 2001, his monograph "The joy of the creation" with a biography and a comprehensive overview of his oeuvre was launched.


Late 70s he was with Rik Hamblok and Humberto Wouters at the cradle of ASIKAN 2240, an "International Art Group". This group was created as a reaction against the dormant, extinct and flattened society.

These artists didn't want to be lived, but showed through their art how life could be real.


Latinne maintained close contact with Dutch artist and Popstar Herman Brood.

In 2000 and 2001 they had exhibitions of works by both artists.


In the work of Jan Latinne we are faced with a carousel of colors, play and movement in which we have to find the way to the emotion of the artist.


His works radiate joy and enthusiasm.

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