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Jeannette Berndsen



Jeannette Berndsen a Florida artist, originally from The Netherlands,

gains inspiration from true life to paint the otherworldly landscapes etc.

called “graphic impressionism”.


“Everything I see is an impression and I work it out in my graphic way".


It is cheerful, positive, playful. "This is my playground",

said Jeannette, gesturing to the art covering the walls of her studio.


I play around with my fantasies.

Fantasy may explain the whimsical style of her work, but all of it is grounded in reality.

I like challenges. They make me think a little, then it is fun making the art, she said.

“What I do is work, but it is a passion”.


Jeannette, who grew up in the Netherlands and returns now and then,

said she and her husband fell in love with mid-Florida for its quiet and beauty,

both of which she uses to her artistic advance.


"Nature is beautiful here. I can show my work anywhere.

It doesn’t matter where I live”.


Indeed, Jeannette has works of art in all parts of the globe,

from galleries in her native country to Sweden, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy and the USA.       






Jeannette Berndsen 2016








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