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Carine Meunier


Carine Meunier


Carine Meunier is a French woman living in Pappenhoven in Limburg


She is a self-taught artist.


For years she has exhibited her unique paintings with images of Arabian horses

all over Europe.


Because of her passion for the horse, the emotions it can evoke in people and the emerging spirituality she found it important to paint her paintings.

to give a soul.


Only then did she feel that it was “finished”.


The audience and her clients were often moved emotionally by her way of making feelings true on the canvas.


With the Penguins, she has found a new challenge.


The dignity of the painting together with the use

create the 3 dimensionality of the image.


In addition, the penguins, as a symbol of eternal love

fit perfectly with Carine's art and intent


who is focused on love and sharing.

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