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Leonie Charlotte Tielen

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Leonie Charlotte Tielen.


Graduated in 1994 from the Amsterdam School of the Arts

and the University of Amsterdam

with her study of textual and visual image.

Since then has been working on compiling a portfolio with all kinds of art directions.


Such as mixed media, ceramics, drawings and stone sculptures.

She loves life as it is and supports learners with creative coaching and helps them

achieve more fulfillment in life.


In her studio in the south of the Netherlands,

she creates a beautiful environment for new artists.

"If Da Vinci can do it, you can too"

in everyone there is an artist hidden somewhere.

New dimension in art

The primary purpose of art is not to show beauty,

but touching the soul of the viewer.

Create a new connection by its color or its line

or simply by the emotions it displays.


The viewer simply recognizes his own emotions or his own struggles.

That's why Leonie reaches for the highest possible step on beauty.


Art as a force to connect to healand reminder of the viewer's life.

Strong lines, colors and not afraid to go deep

without censorship on played problems.

Completely limitless.


"I am an expressionist, I draw and paint on an intuitive basis.

What's in it must come out. Such as words and behavior.


I can pretend that life is always a happy feeling.

Well mine is like yours, sometimes good and sometimes sad.

Art shows my struggle for authenticity.

Achieving my highest goal: awakening my soul.


This is my path.


My great creative strength lies in showing the now for that moment

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