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Maria Babich

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The main function of art is not only to enrich aesthetically,

but also intellectually

Art is an idea, a transmission, a key, a point of view that is transferred to a visual image.


It is not enough to just be a beautiful painting.

The informational part of a work of art is important and integral

The way the artist expresses his idea is a matter of choice.

The magic wand chooses the wizard, remember:

Art chooses artist.

Artist is just a translator.

The process of creation is always participating in something great, powerful and wonderful.


This is the best Blessing for me to be a part of this

never ending process.

That is why the title of a work of art is necessary and important

"Friendly refined"


Sometimes my artwork could be an answer.

Sometimes I hide it.

It's like a puzzle. It takes time to find out.

All the more interesting.

So you can get the answer if you have a question


I am for love, joy, bright colorsI believe in miracles



Member of Union of Artists of Russia

Member of International Federation of Artists & national Artists Union of

2019 Diploma for Contribution in National Art and Culture

The artwork is in the collection of the Togliatti State Art Museum


2018 Global Art Center GLO 'ART
Artist in Residence Lanaken, Belgium


The artworks are in private collections in Russia, Ireland, USA, Belgium

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