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Michelle Moore

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Michelle Moore

a talented artist born in Amsterdam.


After high school, she worked for years in the

real estate sector in the Netherlands and Austria


Then she moved to the Caribbean

where she provided for herself with furnishing and

restructuring of country houses and villas.

In this period she started to design and different furniture

also resumed her old hobby: painting


On her return to Europe she settled in Brussels,

where she specialized in designing seating furniture,

with painting always in the background


She made products for furniture manufacturers in a.o.

Spain, Germany, Turkey and Singapore.


She also drew up the designs for a colleague designer

who realized collections at a well-known Italian seating furniture manufacturer


She now lives and works as a versatile artist in Antwerp


After being asked to paint an elephant for the "Elephant Parade"

in Amsterdam, she decided to paint more art objects.

Her preference is the shape of animals


She also makes paintings and paints furniture,

including chairs from Philioe Star and Gispen Today.

Her range of skills and her love of challenges,

makes her a great all-round artist

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