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Miriam Vleugels

Artist Miriam Vleugels,

a Dutch artist, who found her home in art,

after a long career in business.

From art she made her work. She sees painting as an escape, as a way to make contact with subjects that cannot be gripped in daily life.

Art gives her the power to reach beyond the stars and more importantly, she can leave the often imperfect everyday life.

What began with drawing mainly to relax,

ultimately resulted in painting art, some 10 years ago.

She is passionate, follows her heart and stay true to herself.

Therefore she thoroughly enjoy the painting

Miriam: "I'm not different from other people, I wish to focus, to concentrate and find a way to lose myself in something "greater" than myself.  I'm searching. Constantly . 

To find ways to make life on earth more  beautiful".

"If I do something, I do it fanatically and professional"

"My life passed through many temptations and I have fully enjoyed it. That daze I get now from painting. It lifts me up and takes me away to a place where I come close to the ultimate freedom"

That ultimate freedom is what I strive for, "my happiness".

Abstract, Figurative or Abstract-Figurative

Her goal is to hit emotions.

Her paintings can emotional reach you by the personal message,

the story they tell, but also by the symbolism or simply

the beauty of colors.

Intuitive painting

She paints intuitively.

She paints from her inner, with sense of composition and color.


Intuitive paintings starts by releasing the rules.

What should be or how it should be done .

You listen to your feelings.

"Intuitive painting is a painting from your soul".


Miriam would like to organize various art events and participate in exciting (art) projects, like making a book of art and promote it.

But her greatest wish is a permanent exhibition in well known museum

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