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Natasa Kekanovic

Natasa Kekanovic a talented artist from Zagreb, Croatia.

She is a young ambitious woman with great dedication for the expression of her inner world.

In her works she always gives the best of herself.

If we ask her what her feeling is about art as a concept, she informs "Art is seeking for the stillness in motion, for the beauty in places it is hidden"

Her inner world is created by a strong desire of self-expression which is the main motivation of being an artist.

She studied textile design, technology and management and specialized in fashion stylist

( applied master degree engineer in textile management )

Next to that she graduated in the field of applied art and design, specially textile and clothing design.

She developed her own unique style of painting, in different materials, oil, acrylic, pen and photography. She likes colors and in her works she plays with colors and lines.

On canvas she can express herself in the way she feels and the things she experienced.

In her own studio she has created her own design atelier, where fashion and art are the ideal combination for her "inner world expression".

Due to her talent she has been invited to monitor and style several big fashion and art events.

With her numerous skills she inspires other artist, who she motivates and promotes to develop new fashion and design items.

She has reached exceptional achievements in fashion illustration, drawing and painting, as well as design of fabrics and knits, costumes  and  prints.

Her variety of talents and her love for challenges, makes her to be an all-round artist

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